Network on Aging

The Bellevue Network On Aging is dedicated to healthy aging in the community by promoting awareness of needs and resources that support older adults through life’s transitions. The Network on Aging Agendas and Minutes page offers information about the group's meetings.


The Network on Aging supports the healthy aging in Bellevue through effective and systematic outreach, regional collaboration and community involvement with a unified voice.

  • Effectively serve older adults in Bellevue
  • Communicate older adult needs and provide a forum for that communication
  • Strengthen community outreach to inform and connect older adults with the necessary resources
  • Create a unified voice for older adults in Bellevue
  • Create an environment that makes Bellevue a livable community where older adults have the ability to age in place. Bellevue is a great place to grow up and grow old.
  • Gain respect and knowledge of older adults in Bellevue
  • Set the standard in the region for older adult services through an Annual Forum of Regional Senior Services providers
  • Create a regional approach to serving older adults
Bellevue Network on Aging- 2018 Activity Report 

Bellevue Network on Aging- Bylaws 

Members whose terms end December 2022 

Paul Bradley    
Abigail Brown             
Mary Fredeen        
Dr. Gina Johnson        
Catherine Wong

Members whose terms end December 2023

Janet Jelleff
Hannah Kimball
Desiree Leigh
Phyllis Smilen
Gazel Tan 

Members whose terms end December 2024

Kira Hackett
Beverly Heyden
Anne Rittenhouse
Diana Thompson

Liaison Members 

Barbara Carey
Julie Hart


Daniel Lassiter, Liaison 
Christy Stangland, Human Services Planner 

Dan Lassiter ,
Community Services Supervisor

North Bellevue Community Center

Interested in joining the Bellevue Network on Aging?

Please fill out this application and mail back to Dan Lassiter by October 1, 2021. 

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