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    Development Services
    Development Services Permit Records manages permitted building construction permits, construction plans and land use review files.

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    In order to remain informed on Public Health direction related to the outbreak of COVID-19 and implement appropriate measures to protect our customers and staff, you may experience a delay in service. We will continue to process your request and produce responsive records as quickly as we can, however, we ask for your understanding that estimated delivery dates may be longer than usual. In addition, we cannot schedule appointments for in-person reviews or pick-ups of physical records at city hall until further notice. Please continue to submit your requests online through the portal, as services will continue to be provided electronically. 

    Building Construction Permits and Plans
    Land Use and Shoreline Actions
    Clear and Grade Permits

    For all other requests, please submit a public records request, including, but not limited to:
    • Transportation ROW permits
    • Utilities permits
    • Code Enforcement Actions