• Environmental Stewardship

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    Bellevue's Environmental Stewardship Initiative is the City's sustainability program, which oversees a range of actions designed to help the city achieve its environmental goals. 

    What's New

    Adopted Environmental Stewardship Plan
    • Trees for Bellevue: Tree Giveaway: This fall the city will give away 500 trees to Bellevue residents and community organizations. Learn more and apply at Tree Giveaway
    • Clean Buildings Act Technical Support program:  Staff are in the process of hiring a consultant to develop and administer a program to help Bellevue buildings comply early with the WA State Clean Buildings Act and apply for early adopter incentives. Stay tuned for more information on this program. 
    • Sustainable Bellevue Partnership:  The City is committed to partnering with residents and organizational stakeholders to implement the Sustainable Bellevue Plan.  Learn more at engagingbellevue.com

    Tracking Progress

    Check out the new and improved performance dashboard for information on Bellevue's progress on environmental goals such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and water use. 

    2020 Environmental Performance Report is now on our online ESI Performance Dashboard

    ESI Dashboard
    Environmental Stewardship Performance Dashboard

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