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Creating neighborhoods where people feel at home, feel connected and where they can thrive in the midst of change doesn’t just happen. It takes a plan.

Neighborhood Area Plans are one way the city supports strong neighborhoods. These neighborhood plans serve as road maps to the future. They provide residents, businesses, city staff and other stakeholders with guidance as each neighborhood grows and changes over time.

Each Neighborhood Area Plan is based on a template that includes:

  • A vision statement that reflects the community's core values
  • A community profile that examines current conditions and trends
  • An investigation of community context and key opportunities and challenges
  • Goals and policies to guide future development

How do we plan for Great Neighborhoods?

Strong community connections strengthen neighborhoods and directly raise the quality of life. Bellevue's City Council affirms this with the city's Great Neighborhoods program, initiating Comprehensive Plan amendments in August 2018 for preparation of the Northwest Bellevue and Northeast Bellevue plans. Following a pause due to staffing shortages, the program re-engaged these communities in 2020-2021.

The city collaborates with neighborhoods using the interactive EngagingBellevue website. With online and in-person tools, events, activities and more, we are working with residents and stakeholders to develop plans that secure our neighborhoods’ future as livable, inspiring, vibrant and equitable communities. Neighborhood Areas are tackled individually, with up to two plans in the works at any one time. The Northeast Bellevue and Northwest Bellevue plans are part of the 2021 Comprehensive Plan amendment cycle. Following a year-long engagement process, Planning Commission recommended adoption of the proposed plans on July 14, 2021. The City Council will take the proposals up in the fall.

Great Neighborhoods – Many Voices. One Vision. Our Future


Meeting, Event, or Action Taken

Links for current and past events

June-October 2020 Values Conversations, Visioning sessions, and Engaging Bellevue outreach

NE Bellevue Engaging Bellevue Site

NW Bellevue Engaging Bellevue Site

November 2020 - January 2021

Datawalks, challenges and opportunities, and Engaging Bellevue outreach

February-March 2021

Challenges and Solutions Dialogue

April-May 2021

Policy Dialogue

June-July 2021

Plan Approval Process: Planning Commission

Fall 2021 Plan Approval Process: City Council Bellevue City Council Site

The previous conversation focused on discovering and sharing community values in both Northeast and Northwest Bellevue.

Date Meeting, Event, or Action Taken Links
Sept.-Oct. 2018 Northeast Bellevue
Discovery Phase
Word Cloud
Sept.-Oct. 2018 Northwest Bellevue
Discovery Phase
Word Cloud
8/6/18 City Council Study Session
Topic: Project Launch
7/9/18 City Council Study Session
Topic: Project Launch
6/12/18 NAP Neighborhood Forum
5/29/18 City Council Meeting
Topic: Initial Conversations
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