• Residential Occupancy Land Use Code Amendment

    This Land Use Code Amendment (LUCA) removed occupancy limits for unrelated people in dwelling units, as required by state law. 


    In 2021, the Washington State Legislature adopted Senate Bill (SB) 5235, which, in part, added a new section, RCW 35A.21.314. This new section prohibits cities in Washington from limiting or regulating the number of unrelated occupants living in any residential unit, with the objective of providing new housing opportunities.

    What happened?

    On November 15, 2021, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 6616, which removed all limits on occupancy for residential uses in the city, except for those related to health and safety. Under the new code, there is no limit on the number of unrelated people living in a single dwelling unit. Other types of housing that previously had their own occupancy limits, including Accessory Dwelling Units, Boarding Houses/Bed and Breakfasts and Rooming Houses, were also amended. This Ordinance did not change health and safety, transient (short-term) rentals, or parking regulations for residential dwellings. 

    The East Bellevue Community Council approved Ordinance No. 6616 within its jurisdictional areas on Dec. 7, 2021. 



    Meeting, Event or Action Taken


    12/7/21 East Bellevue Community Council Public Hearing and Action EBCC Agenda Materials
    11/15/21 City Council Action City Council Meeting Agenda Materials
    10/25/21 City Council Study Session City Council Agenda Materials
    10/13/21 Planning Commission Public Hearing Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    10/5/21 East Bellevue Community Council Courtesy Public Hearing EBCC Agenda Materials
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