• Residential Occupancy Land Use Code Amendment

    Land Use Code Amendment (LUCA) to remove occupancy limits for unrelated people in dwelling units, as required by state law. 

    Project Background - Why is this happening?

    Recent changes to state law prohibit cities in Washington from limiting or regulating the number of unrelated occupants living in dwellings. The legislative history and other details of the bill is available on the Senate Bill (SB) 5235 bill information webpage.

    Prior to the effective date of this legislation, the City of Bellevue had a cap of four (4) unrelated people living in a single unit. There was no limit on the number of related people. 

    What is changing?

    The limits on unrelated people living in a single dwelling unit are being removed from the city's Land Use Code (LUC).

    Other specific types of housing previously had their own occupancy limits that will also be removed:

    • Accessory Dwelling Units
    • Rooming Houses

    What is not changing?

    Nuisance, noise, garbage, traffic and parking standards will all remain in place. Violations of these standards can be reported to the Code Compliance team or the Police Department. 

    Owner-occupancy requirements for accessory dwelling units remain. 

    Rooming houses are still only allowed in land use districts where multifamily development is permitted. Only four (4) rooms may be rented at any one time in a rooming house. 

    Transient lodging (AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) regulations remain in place. These rentals are only allowed in owner-occupied dwellings that have a Home Occupation permit. 

    How can I get involved?

    Attend any of the upcoming public hearings with the Planning Commission or East Bellevue Community Council. A calendar listing Planning Commission, City Council and East Bellevue Community Council meeting dates can be found below.

    Notices for public hearings will also be published in the Weekly Permit Bulletin at least two (2) weeks prior to the hearing. 

    Questions, comments and feedback can be provided to the project manager:


    Meeting dates to be updated once confirmed.


    Meeting, Event or Action Taken



    Interim Regulations (IOC) Adoption

    City Council Meeting Agenda Materials


    Public Hearing on IOC

    City Council Meeting Agenda Materials

    9/8/21 Planning Commission Study Session 1 Planning Commission Agenda Materials


    East Bellevue Community Council Courtesy Public Hearing EBCC Agenda Materials


    Planning Commission Public Hearing Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    10/25/21 City Council Study Session

    City Council Agenda Materials

    To be scheduled

    City Council Action  
    To be scheduled East Bellevue Community Council Public Hearing and Action