• Egress Lighting Requirements and Inspection

    The means of egress from a commercial building space, including the exit discharge door, must be illuminated whenever the building is occupied. The illumination level cannot be less than one foot-candle at the walking surface of the means of egress. This requires verification by inspection prior to the final building inspection. IBC Section 1008.

    During a final building inspection performed during normal inspection hours, the inspector will check the placement and function of egress lighting and determine if emergency backup power is required.

    After-hours Inspection

    A lighting-level inspection may need to be performed outside of normal daylight hours. This typically occurs in any new or reconfigured space where two or more exits are required. It may also include:

    • a change of use requiring a certificate of occupancy
    • an initial build-out of a space within a building with a shell and core certificate of occupancy
    • all type A (assembly) and type E (education) occupancies
    • high ceiling spaces or spaces refinished in predominantly dark colors

    As an alternative to an after-hours inspection, you may submit for review a photometric analysis and plan that complies with the performance provisions of IBC 1008.3.5. The analysis must be prepared and stamped by an approved lighting engineer.

    An after-hours inspection may not be necessary if your permit is for a Level 1 alteration of a space.

    After-hours Inspection Fees

    If you require an after-hours egress lighting inspection, the first inspection will be without cost. If the inspection fails, subsequent inspections will be charged a fee for an inspection outside normal hours. Refer to our inspection fee schedule for current fee information. All fees must be paid within five days of the scheduled after-hours inspection.

    Request an Inspection

    Request an after-hours inspection by sending an email to your building inspector at least three business days before the desired date of the inspection. Use our employee directory to locate your inspector's email. Include the following in the email:

    • Permit number
    • Address (including suite number, if applicable)
    • Project name 
    • Type of Inspection
    • Desired date and time of inspection 
    • Contact information (name, phone and email) 
    • Any special instructions (parking, access, visibility, etc.)

    Once you receive a confirmation date, schedule a building final inspection (268) for that date and note that it is for an egress lighting inspection. You may schedule one of two ways:

    Learn more about inspections in the City of Bellevue.