Single-Family Remodel Permit

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Any structural change within an existing dwelling that does not increase the area. (BU)

Examples of work covered by this remodel permit include:

  • Moving a load-bearing interior wall
  • Replacing a load-bearing wall with a beam
  • Installing or relocating a doorway header
  • Enlarging the size of a window or door opening
  • performing an earthquake home retrofit

This permit also includes:

  • Electrical (except temporary power)
  • Mechanical (except fire protection)
  • Plumbing

For a remodel project that does not involve structural work, refer to our single-family remodel permit with no plan review.

Apply for this permit online at MyBuildingPermit. When entering your Application Information, choose the following:

  1. Application type: Building
  2. Project type: Single Family Residential or Single Family Condominium Unit
  3. Activity type: Remodel
  4. Scope of work: Residence

Required Documents

The documents listed below are the minimum necessary to proceed with the application process. If you believe that a required submittal document does not apply to your project, please upload the Document Waiver Form in place of the required document.

For assistance with electronic plan submittals, refer to Requirements for Electronic Plans

Additional Documents

These items may be required during plan review, as determined by the scope of your project.

Fees and Timelines