Energize Eastside Updates

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Energize Eastside is PSE’s proposal to build a new electric substation and approximately 18 miles of high capacity electric transmission lines from Redmond to Renton. The project is intended to address an electrical transmission capacity deficiency. Learn more about PSE’s proposal for the Energize Eastside project at PSE's project website: www.energizeeastside.com.

A Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for PSE's Energize Eastside proposal was published on March 1, 2018.  The City of Bellevue, as the lead agency, along with the partner jurisdictions (Kirkland, Redmond, Newcastle and Renton) jointly prepared the FEIS. The FEIS is not a permit; it instead provides information regarding the environmental impacts of PSE’s proposal, which the permitting agencies, such as the City of Bellevue, consider as they decide whether to approve the project and issue necessary permits. No additional comment period is provided on the FEIS. More information about the EIS process can be found at https://www.energizeeastsideeis.org/

PSE has applied for permits to construct the Energize Eastside project in two construction phases within Bellevue. 

Phase 1 - South Segment

Phase 2 - North Segment


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