Great Places Where You Want to Be Performance

Community survey data show that residents appreciate Bellevue as a place to be. For years, the vast majority of residents have rated Bellevue as a good or excellent place to live. Over nine in ten residents have high opinions of Bellevue’s parks and park facilities. The city provides effective parks programming that serves all residents regardless of age and ability. Over ninety percent of participants rate recreation programs as good or excellent. 

The below indicators were collected by staff subject matter experts, after an in-depth review of each Strategic Target Area (STA). The review process included an examination of the STA description and the desired outcomes defined therein, the identification of a well rounded set of relevant performance metrics, and an analysis of year-over-year data trends and performance against target. For more information about Bellevue's vision for Great Places, click here.

Key Performance Indicators 2017 Actual 2018 Actual 2019 Actual 2019 Target
Percent of cost recovery in Parks Enterprise Fund 99.5% 102.8% 108.3% 100%
Percent of recreation program participants rating programs as good or excellent 93% 94.9% 94.6% 90%
Key Community Indicators: Great Places 2016 Results 2017 Results 2018 Results 2019 Results
Percent of residents who describe Bellevue as a good or excellent place to live 95% 97% 95% 95%
Percent of residents who agree that the appearance of Bellevue's public parks and park facilities are good or excellent 95% 94% 97% 95%