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Bellevue is a "managing for results" city, careful to spend wisely. Being accountable and spending limited resources effectively and efficiently, while providing value to stakeholders is very important to us. To this end, Bellevue uses a variety of surveys and other reports to keep in touch with residents and examine its performance regularly.

Community Report - City Vital Signs

Annual Performance Reports – Results from the performance resident survey and community indicators called "Bellevue Vital Signs" give the reader a sense of the city's overall health.

Performance Measures Survey - Scientifically valid annual survey that assesses how residents view the city's services and overall performance.

Budget Survey - Conducted every two years to learn about resident budget priorities, the importance and level of satisfaction with city services and the value residents feel they get for their tax dollars.

Business Survey - Conducted every two years to measure business satisfaction and understand the needs of the local business community.

Open Data Portal - Data about Bellevue's budget and expenditures, demographics, businesses and crime.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report - The financial report describes how the city uses its financial resources each year, and provides a picture of the city's financial condition at the end of the calendar year, which is also the city's fiscal year.

State Auditor's Office Performance Report - The State Auditor's Office examines cities of various sizes in urban and rural areas to ensure that a reasonable perspective of the issues and challenges that confront all the state’s nearly 300 cities and 39 counties is obtained. 

Monitoring Reports - The City of Bellevue carefully monitors how it spends public resources so that it has enough money each year to provide high-quality services to its residents and other stakeholders.

Strategic Target Areas Performance - On May 19, 2014 the City Council approved a 20-year vision for the city, including strategic target areas and two-year priorities. See our performance on reaching these strategic targets.

Department Performance - These pages present performance metrics for each Bellevue department and depict multiyear trends. These metrics transcend work at the city, acting as tools to strengthen and maintain community trust and organizational accountability.