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Fire is one of the most common risks to buildings, property and life safety. In order to minimize the risk and impact of fire, the Bellevue Fire Code outlines requirements for owners and managers of certain types of buildings and occupancies to develop and implement a Fire Safety Plan.

The Bellevue Fire Department is available to review your new or current Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan.

Workplace fire safety starts with fire safety awareness in the home. This class addresses common home fire safety knowledge that is translatable in the workplace. Learn how to mitigate risks, minimize hazards and effectively evacuate.

30-60 minutes.

Do you know what to if disaster strikes at work? Are you and your family prepared if you find yourself stuck at work?

The Office of Emergency Management, a division of the Bellevue Fire Department, offers many customizable classes on workplace preparedness, community response and hazard mitigation.

Time dependent on class scheduled.

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