• Emergency Management

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    Emergency Management training in action

    The Office of Emergency Management prepares for disasters and emergencies by conducting drills and exercises, maintaining emergency plans, coordinating with internal and external partners, educating residents in preparedness and teaching life-saving disaster skills. City resilience depends on engagement with the whole Bellevue community — people and neighborhoods, community groups, businesses, faith-based and volunteer organizations, and hospitals and schools.

    Working together helps prevent hazards from impacting those who work, live and play in Bellevue. Our mission is to create a resilient Bellevue prepared to respond, while minimizing the effects of disasters that occur. More information on personal preparedness can also be found at ready.gov

    Emergency Response

    Emergency Management works closely with regional partners at the local, county and state level in both planning and response activities.  Coordinating efforts between city departments through the Emergency Operations Center is one of Emergency Management’s core functions. From a central location, subject matter experts provide resources and expertise in support of incident response and recovery operations.  

    Learn more about emergency management and what YOU can do to become better prepared:

    Emergency Management Plan

    Bellevue’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is an all-hazards plan that provides a framework for citywide prevention, mitigation, response and recovery activities.

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