Bellevue Youth Council Application

The Bellevue Youth Council (BYC) is the membership body of Youth Link that helps promote various youth programs, provide a leadership role for Youth Link, plan community service projects and serve as a liaison to middle and high schools in Bellevue.  Membership ranges from 50-60 students representing various schools, groups and cultural diversity in Bellevue.  

Youths interested must fill out an application and commit to two meetings per month during the school year and are encouraged to participate in leadership trainings and conferences.  BYC members are also encouraged to participate in the Action Teams.  Applications are accepted year-round.  

To apply, please complete the application form below or contact Patrick Alina, Youth Link Program Coordinator at 425-452-5254 or via email at if you have further questions.


Responsibilities of Bellevue youth Council Members:

*Members must attend two (2) meetings per month including Action Team meetings as scheduled. (NEW: Virtual online meeting may be a substitute)
*Members must serve in at least one (1) Youth Link Action Team or Planning Committee
*Members must participate in a minimum of one volunteer community service activity per month

The Bellevue Youth Council meets the first and third Wednesday of each month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Members are allowed only three unexcused absences during the school year. In addition, each member must work on a community service activity each month which involved 2-10 hours per month (Depending on which project you choose).  

If selected, will you be able to honor the commitments required to serve?
BELLEVUE YOUTH COUNCIL (Attend MANDATORY scheduled Bellevue Youth Council meetings every month AND serve in at least one Action Team) If selected, would you be able to meet this requirement?
YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING - In order to develop youth leadership in all phases of our program, Youth Link will provide Bellevue Youth Council members with training and team-building activities. Participation is strongly encouraged and your availability to attend these events will assist your development in the Bellevue Youth Council. If selected, would you be able to meet this requirement?



It is our goal that the Bellevue Youth Council will reflect the diversity of Bellevue's young people. Completing the following information will help us ensure diverse representation.

Please fill in response and select the group(s) with which you identify:

Please choose the sex/gender identity you consider yourself to be. (Note: Responses are strictly confidential. The demographic questions and categories were developed in conjunction with Employee Resource Groups and other key stakeholders.)
Please choose the race/ethnicity you consider yourself to be. (Note: Responses are strictly confidential. The demographic categories below are determined by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reporting requirements.)

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