120th Avenue NE Corridor

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120th Avenue NE Corridor

This project will enhance mobility and safety for people walking, biking, driving, and taking transit on 120th Avenue NE, between Northeast 16th Street and Northup Way. It would be a continuation of previous corridor upgrades -- between Northeast Fourth and Northeast 16th streets -- that were completed in three phases from 2013 to 2018. Like the earlier work, this fourth phase would support growth and redevelopment in the Bel-Red and Wilburton areas. The Improvements are being planned in coordination with Sound Transit’s East Link light rail project.

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Image of proposed roadway design

Design work is happening through a Three Party Agreement approved in 2015. An evaluation is being coordinated with a planned Transit-Oriented Development near Sound Transit’s Operations and Maintenance Facility-East, located on the west side of 120th Avenue Northeast. Design elements (image of proposed design) that will be considered in the feasibility study include:

  • Widening the road from two to up to four through lanes, with a center lane that can be configured as needed to improve safety and vehicle circulation
  • New pedestrian and bicycle facilities on both sides of the street, providing safe access to the future light rail station and nearby trail 
  • Removal and replacement of the existing Kelsey Creek West Tributary culvert under the roadway to allow improved passage for fish and other wildlife and associated stream restoration
  • Upgrade utility and stormwater facilities
  • Improve traffic signals, street lighting, landscaping, retaining walls and signage
  • Update pavement and striping

Design for this phase is anticipated to be complete in late 2022. Funding for right-of-way property acquisition and construction has not yet been secured.  

Public feedback informs project design

An online open house for this project was held March 29-April 16, 2021 as an opportunity for public feedback on preliminary design concepts for roadway sections, a trail crossing and urban design features. A summary report was published in May. General themes gathered from the online survey include:

  • Desire for more connections to regional trails
  • Preference for interpretive signs for natural areas
  • Preference for existing planter beds on both sides of sidewalk on 120th Avenue NE
  • Preference for retaining wall design as metal mesh on green screen mounted on concrete wall


  • 2020-2021: Work on project design to achieve 60% level of completion
  • 2022: Complete design work
  • 2023-2024: Project construction (right-of-way acquisition and construction are not currently funded)


Engineering design (to 60% level of completion) and coordination of work is funded by the City’s Capital Investment Program and estimated at approximately $3 million. The remaining design work will be funded with $1.46 million from the Puget Sound Regional Council- Surface Transportation Program. Right-of-way acquisition and construction are not currently funded. Approved 2021-2027 Capital Investment Program Budget Sheet.

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