Pavement Preservation Program

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Pavement condition data is collected for all 1,100-plus lane miles of public streets every two years. It’s used to predict needed preservation work and to determine the best timing to maximize resources. A five-year pavement preservation plan is used to coordinate with other public and private projects. The types of work done under this program include: 

  • Resurfacing long stretches of roadways with fresh asphalt, typically done between April and October
  • Upgrading curb ramps and replacing sidewalks
  • Pavement sealing
  • New pavement markings

Pavement projects

Where are we working this week?

Check the Pavement Preservation Update for information about paving locations and approximate work dates. 

Report a road hazard

To report pothole, sidewalk hazard or road hazard that requires attention, contact the Operations and Maintenance 24-hour Emergency Response line at 425-452-7840 or email Call 911 to report more urgent issues.

For contractors, engineers and project owners

The City of Bellevue requires paving contractors to be pre-qualified annually in order to perform paving operations on arterial roadways. Proper equipment and quality workmanship are essential to meeting the city's construction standards. Pre-qualification helps ensure quality paving  by verifying contractor's equipment and past project performance.

The requirements for pavement restoration following trenching or other disturbance are based on the Pavement Restoration Requirement Map. Please see the city's Design Manual, Section 23, for additional information on pavement restoration. 

Bridge Preservation Program

The purpose of the Bridge Preservation Program is to perform federally required inspections on Bellevue's bridges and to complete needed maintenance work.

2021 pavement overlay locations: 

  • NE Bellevue-Redmond Road – 124th Avenue NE to NE 30th Street
  • 156th Avenue NE – NE 8th Street to NE Bellevue-Redmond Road
  • 124th Avenue NE – NE 8th Street to NE Bellevue-Redmond Road
  • 112th Avenue NE – NE 12th Street to NE 24th Street
  • 112th Avenue SE – Bellevue Way SE to Main Street
  • SE 8th Street – 112th Avenue SE to 118th Avenue SE
  • Lake Washington Boulevard SE – 120th Avenue SE to I-90 overcrossing
  • Main Street – 140th Avenue NE to 156th Avenue NE (if budget allows)

2021 pavement seal project locations:

  • 105th Avenue SE – Main Street to Wolverine Way
  • Wolverine Way – SE Bellevue Way to 105th Avenue SE
  • 126th Avenue NE – NE 24th Street to NE 30th Street
  • 127th Avenue NE – NE 24th Street to NE 29th Street
  • 127th Avenue NE – NE 30th Street to NE 32nd Street
  • NE 26th Street – 126th Avenue NE to 127th Avenue NE
  • NE 28th Street – 126th Avenue NE to 127th Avenue NE
  • NE 29th Street – 126th Avenue NE to 127th Avenue NE