Crosswalk Program

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A family walks across the street

Providing a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment for pedestrians is an important part of the Transportation Department's mission. Contained in Bellevue’s Comprehensive Plan, Vision Zero effort and Pedestrian and Bicycle Implementation Initiative are policies related to improving the street network.


As the Transportation Department considers requests for new crosswalks or improvements to existing ones, limited funding means we must prioritize resources. Factors used in the decision-making process include pedestrian use, traffic conditions, ability to coordinate with other public or private projects and accessibility requirements. More information.

Flashing beacons

Bellevue manages a variety of traffic control devices and features that benefit pedestrian safety, such as full traffic signals, pedestrian-only traffic signals and different  types of flashing systems. Other safety improvements include raised crosswalks, traffic curb extensions and median islands. One common request from the public is for a relatively new traffic control device called a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB). Such requests are carefully evaluated to determine whether this beacon is appropriate for a specific location.   

Newer RRFBs are highly effective, drawing greater attention from motorists and alerting them to pedestrians. The Transportation Department is gradually upgrading standard flashing beacons with the newer RRFBs. More information is available in the video below. 

Requesting a crossing assessment

To contact the city's Traffic Engineering Division or to request an evaluation of pedestrian crossing conditions, please fill out a Crossing Assessment Request Form. The information you provide will help staff understand the needs at the site. An engineer will be assigned to review the location and follow up with findings.