Traffic Safety Request Forms

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There are numerous ways to contact the city about neighborhood traffic safety needs. Below are forms that will be routed to relevant staff personnel who will then follow-up with you based on your request.

  • Neighborhood Sidewalk Request form - Request a sidewalk in your neighborhood
  • Request for Action - The Request for Action form is the best way for residents to share traffic safety concerns, such as excessive vehicle speeds, non-local traffic, parking and collisions.
  • Radar Dolly Request - The portable radar unit has been effective in decreasing vehicle speeds in many areas of Bellevue. You are allowed to borrow the unit for two weeks.
  • Stationary Radar Sign Request - These driver feedback signs use an internal radar unit that captures the speed of passing motorists and displays this speed onto a display board. Radar signs target excessive vehicle speeds by encouraging passing motorists to reduce their speed, if necessary.
  • Crossing Assessment Request - Submit a request for Traffic Engineering staff to review streets for safe crossing opportunities.
  • "Park Smart" Yard Signs - The city offers “Park Smart” yard signs to help educate the public about parking laws. 
  • Traffic Safety Yard Signs - To raise awareness of traffic safety in neighborhoods, the city offers colorful neighborhood yard signs with traffic safety messages

Need additional help?

Seeking Police enforcement for parking, speeding, etc.?
Submit a traffic service request.

Reporting a street light outage or traffic signal problem?
Submit a traffic signals and street maintenance request.