Bellevue Utilities wants to help you save water. By installing high-efficiency fixtures and practicing wise water use, you can reduce your water consumption, lower your utility bills and help ensure a reliable water supply for future generations.

Bellevue is a member of the Cascade Water Alliance, through which customers can get free conservation items – paying only shipping and handling.

A sample order for a little over $5 could include all of these items:
  • Low-flow Showerhead: reduce gallons per minute and energy demand from your water heater.
  • Dye Tablets/Strips: stop water waste from silent toilet leaks.
  • Digital Shower Timer: attaches to the wall with a suction cup.
  • Kitchen Faucet Aerator: has a 360 degree swivel capability plus reduces water flow.
  • Bathroom Faucet Aerator: reduce water flow but not the performance.

Place orders online. Homeowners only need an account or customer number from their utility bill. Free items are also available to apartment condo owners and managers.