What Your Rate Dollars Support

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The average single-family household spends $6.49 a day on utility services in 2022. The graphic below shows how each rate dollar is used to deliver your services (based on 2021-2022 budget).

Graphic showing how each rate dollar is used under 2021-2022 budget

When you pay your bill, you are getting:

  • Safe, reliable, high-quality drinking water. To make this happen, we maintain over 600 miles of water mains and 24 reservoirs that store over 40 million gallons of water. Learn more about how we continually protect your water’s safety and quality.
  • Protection of your property from flooding and of Bellevue's waterways from polluted stormwater runoff. Utilities cares for over 80 miles of open streams and over 800 acres of protected wetlands, in addition to over 20,000 of storm drains and 400 miles of pipe that keep rain water flowing away from streets and properties.
  • Protection of your health by preventing sewage overflows. By maintaining over 600 miles of sewer mains, Utilities safely delivers your wastewater to King County treatment facilities.

Take a look behind the scenes

This short video shows some of the work Utilities performs every day to deliver services to the Bellevue community.