Stormwater Capital Investment Projects

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Bellevue Utilities stormwater capital investment projects ensure that current and future generations have reliable storm drainage services. They also help protect the natural environment that we value in the Pacific Northwest. These projects are proposed in the 2021-2027 Utilities Capital Investment Project (CIP) plan, subject to approval by the City Council in November or December 2020.

Coal Creek Parkway Culvert Project

Capital Investment Project





Minor (Small) Storm Capital Improvement Projects

Miscellaneous unanticipated projects or repairs to resolve problems or improve efficiency

Renewal and Replacement

2021- 2027


Storm System Infrastructure Repairs

Repair defects found in existing storm water infrastructure

Renewal and Replacement

2021- 2027


Fish Passage Improvement Program

Remove in-stream barriers to fish migration

Environmental Preservation

2021- 2027


Stream Channel Modification Program

Improve fish habitat in streams

Environmental Preservation

2021- 2027


Flood Control Program

Construct improvements to reduce or eliminate flooding caused by the public drainage system

Environmental Preservation

2021- 2027


Replace Coal Creek Pkwy Culvert at Coal Creek

Permit-required monitoring of plant survival following replacement of a major stream culvert

Renewal and Replacement



Storm Water Quality Retrofits

Add water quality retrofits at three locations to improve water quality from road runoff that enters Kelsey Creek

Environmental Preservation

2019 - 2020


Storm and Surface Water Planning Program

Evaluate and develop future CIP needs

Renewal and Replacement

2021 - 2027


Factoria Blvd Conveyance Improvements

Reduce flooding frequency on Factoria Blvd.

Environmental Preservation

2021 - 2022


SCADA System Upgrade

Upgrade storm water system telemetry infrastructure

Renewal and Replacement

2021 - 2027


Post-Construction Monitoring and Maintenance Program

Permit-required monitoring of vegetation survival following improvement projects

Environmental Preservation

2021 - 2027


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