Cherry Crest Pump Station Replacement

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Bellevue Utilities is replacing the aging pump station in Cherry Crest Mini Park along 127th Avenue Northeast. The Cherry Crest Pump Station was scheduled for an upgrade in a few years, and the need to replace it now was identified as part of the Pikes Peak Reservoir Replacement Project, in Bridle Trails State Park.

The pump station replacement will better facilitate water service reliability and fire protection to the Cherry Crest and Pikes Peak neighborhoods for which it serves. The Cherry Crest reservoir will not undergo any updates as part of this project.

As part of this project, two water main pipes within about an 1,800-foot section of street within the Cherry Crest neighborhood will also be replaced to allow the new pump station to operate properly and is necessary since the mains are old and nearing the end of their useful lives. A pressure reducing valve station (buried concrete vault) will also be constructed near 127th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 29th Street.


Construction began in September 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2021. Crews have made significant progress, including:

  • Completing watermain installation (some water main system connections, requiring service interruptions and communication with several property owners, are anticipated to be completed later in the spring or early summer).
  • Construction of the new pump station and related on-site work.
  • The existing pump station at the site will remain in operation until the new pump station work has been completed, tested and accepted for operation.

As a reminder, neighbors can expect:

  • On-street parking restrictions
  • Local access only; no through traffic
  • Pedestrian and vehicular access aided by flaggers
  • Access to driveways will be maintained
  • Ongoing coordination with garbage pickup, school buses and emergency access
  • Temporary water service interruptions

The work will conclude with full pavement overlay later this year or in 2021 (to be done by Bellevue’s Transportation Department as part of their annual pavement overlay program). The timeline and sequence of work is subject to change.

Maps of Project Area

Cherry Crest Pump Station Replacement Project Map
Map of Cherry Crest Mini Park, reservoir and pump station.


Cherry Crest New Water Main Alignment Map
Map of water main replacement route.
Cherry Crest Project Timeline_5.1.20

Frequently Asked Questions

The new pump station building will be larger than the existing pump station building because it will house two pumping systems and an emergency generator. Current facilities only include one pumping system and no emergency generator. Due to the fact that at times the pump station service area will rely on continuous operation of the pump station to supply water for domestic uses and fire-fighting, the emergency generator is necessary to provide backup power to operate the pumps if there is ever a power outage. Neither the pumps nor the generator will always be running; the pumps are only needed during periods of low system pressure, which is typically in the summer when water demand is high.

When operating, the pumps will be approximately as loud as a conversation between two people. Bellevue city code dictates that, when running, the generator shall be quieter than a vacuum cleaner when heard at the property line. The project team included noise-buffering features in the design plan to provide quieter performance than required by code and to minimize disturbance to neighbors and park users.

To ensure the Cherry Crest Pump Station Replacement Project is a collaborative effort, the project team gathered public input through a Cherry Crest Community Advisory Group (CAG), made up of neighbors and users of the Cherry Crest Mini Park. This CAG is not a decision-making group but is influential in helping inform the project team as they work to advance the project. There were many factors to consider in designing the pump station building such as size requirements, material integrity and noise buffering. The City of Bellevue has some guidelines that Utilities must meet regarding building appearance, e.g. exterior finishes. The project team solicited feedback from the public and the CAG to help inform the building’s appearance.

The project is currently under construction with anticipated completion by mid-Fall 2020. Once the Cherry Crest Pump Station work is finished the Pikes Peak Reservoir Project can begin.

This page will be updated as the project progresses. You can sign up for Alerts. This page will also be a resource for community advisory group meeting summaries, fact sheets and other project materials. If you are interested in participating in the CAG, please contact Jay Hummel, project manager, at or 425 452 4160. As the project moves closer to construction, the project team will keep the neighborhood notified of upcoming work and anticipated impacts.