• Recreation Program Plan 2020

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    Bellevue Parks & Community Services is one recreation provider among many in the City of Bellevue. The Recreation Program Plan defines the city's role as a recreational provider in this system. The plan establishes a set of priorities for Parks & Community Services to guide the investment of public resources in support of recreation programs.

    The Recreation Program Plan works in concert with other key Parks & Community Services documents, including the Parks & Open Space System Plan and the Human Services Needs Update. Together, these documents convey the department's functions in providing parks, recreation and community services to Bellevue residents.

    For more information, please contact Ryan Walker at RWalker@bellevuewa.gov

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    Who We Are

    We build a healthy community. The Parks & Community Services vision, mission, and commitment to equity.

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    An overview of the importance of recreation and the recreational opportunities provided by the City of Bellevue.

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    Community Perceptions of Recreation

    Community input about recreation preferences, as well as barriers that may reduce access to recreational opportunities.

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    Recreation Planning Process

    An overview of the planning process for the 2020 Recreation Program Plan.

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    Guiding Principles for Recreation

    The vision and principles that guide the City of Bellevue’s role in providing recreational opportunities.

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    Goals for Recreation

    Priorities that will guide the department’s work in recreation over the next five years.