• Supportive and Emergency Housing Code Amendment

    This land use code amendment would allow certain types of housing and shelter intended for people experiencing homelessness in certain land use districts, as required by state law. 

    Project Background 

    Recent amendments to state law require the city to amend its land use code for consistency. These amendments include:

    • Allowing permanent supportive housing and transitional housing in all land use districts where residential dwellings or hotels and motels are allowed; and
    • Allowing emergency housing and emergency shelter in all land use districts where hotels and motels are allowed. 

    Bellevue's land use code must be updated to comply with these amendments to state law. The Legislature has details about the passage of House Bill 1220. 

    Types of housing addressed

    • Permanent Supportive Housing: comes in many forms, but it is generally defined as housing intended for people experiencing homelessness and may have disabling physical or behavioral health conditions. This housing is always paired with supportive services that help to maintain the residents' long-term tenancy. 
    • Transitional Housing: is similar to Permanent Supportive Housing, but the services are meant to eventually transition residents into independent living arrangements. 
    • Emergency Housing: is housing with supportive services intended to address mainly the basic daily needs of the residents, such as food, water, clothing and hygiene. The duration of stay may vary between different residents. These facilities may be a first step before moving residents into more permanent living arrangements such as those listed above. 
    • Emergency Shelter: is a short-term place to stay for people experiencing homelessness. Services may be provided but are more basic in nature. These facilities can include overnight shelters, warming/cooling centers and day centers. 

    What is changing? 

    Permanent regulations consistent with state law are currently being developed for permanent supportive housing and transitional housing. 

    Emergency housing and emergency shelter fit the city's existing definitions for homeless services uses. Amendments to the Homeless Services Uses section of the land use code will simply include references to the state definitions of these two uses. 

    Three land use districts where hotels and motels are allowed — Evergreen Highlands D (EH-D), Neighborhood Mixed Use (NMU) and Office Limited Business - Open Space (OLB-OS) — will be updated to also allow homeless services uses.

    What is not changing?

    Permanent Supportive Housing and Transitional Housing facilities in single-family land use districts are still subject to the same density and dimensional standards of the district. 


    How can I get involved?

    Attend and provide comments at any of the upcoming meetings and public hearings with the Planning Commission or East Bellevue Community Council. A calendar listing Planning Commission, City Council and East Bellevue Community Council meeting dates can be found below.

    Notices for the public hearings will also be published in the Weekly Permit Bulletin at least two (2) weeks prior to the hearing. 

    Questions, comments and feedback can be provided to project manager Caleb Miller, senior planner with Development Services (425-452-4574 or cwmiller@bellevuewa.org).

    Meeting dates to be updated once confirmed.


    Meeting, Event or Action Taken



    Interim Regulations (IOC) Adoption

    City Council Meeting Agenda Materials


    Public Hearing on IOC

    City Council Meeting Agenda Materials

    9/8/21 Planning Commission Study Session 1 Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    9/22/21 Planning Commission Study Session 2 Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    12/8/21 Planning Commission Study Session 3 Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    12/13/21 City Council Public Hearing to extend IOC for 6 months City Council Meeting Agenda Materials
    1/4/22 East Bellevue Community Council Public Hearing to extend IOC for 6 months EBCC Agenda Materials


    East Bellevue Community Council Courtesy Public Hearing EBCC Agenda Materials


    Planning Commission Public Hearing Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    2/23/22 Planning Commission Recommendation Planning Commission Agenda Materials
    4/27 Planning Commission Recommendation  
    To be scheduled City Council Study Session


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