• Hearing Examiner's Office

    During the COVID-19 public health crisis, the Hearing Examiner’s Office will not conduct in-person hearings. Some matters will occur remotely, using Zoom video conferencing. These matters include, but are not limited to Process II appeals, Civil Violation hearings, and Business and Occupancy Tax appeals.

    After an initial pre-hearing conference, which will be held remotely, the assigned hearing examiner will issue an order that provides a schedule with specific deadlines and instructions for exchanging witness and exhibit lists, exhibits and any potential briefing.

    Zoom is a real-time, web-based conferencing application that can be easily downloaded on your desktop or laptop computer, your tablet and/or phone. To participate in a hearing via Zoom you will need a desktop or laptop computer, web camera, high-speed internet connection and headphones (available in case your microphone and speakers cause feedback).


    Bellevue's hearing examiners conduct hearings and make decisions by applying city code policies and regulations adopted by City Council. Hearing Examiners have jurisdiction over a wide range of matters, including land-use applications and challenges to administrative directors' decisions.

    Hearing examiners are not city staff, but private attorneys who serve as impartial third parties. Hearing examiners ensure fairness and due process by making independent fact-finding decisions in a public forum. Bellevue City Code Chapter 3.68 establishes the office and the authority of hearing examiners.