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    Sign permits are required for all signs erected, altered or relocated. There are limitations on the number, size and type of signs permitted. Building review may be required for certain permanent commercial signs. Signs may be permanent or temporary. 

    Learn about zoning requirements for signs in Bellevue, and speak with a land use planner to understand the regulations before you begin the application process.

    Apply for sign permits online at MyBuildingPermit.

    Permanent Signs

    Permanent commercial signs, including freestanding or building-mounted signs, or signs displayed on an awning. May include building review. May or may not include electrical. (SA)

    Temporary Signs

    Non-permanent signs intended for use for a short time, such as construction, initial lease-up/sales period, grand opening, for sale/rent, open house and residential land division. (SC)

    Required Documents

    During the application process you will be asked to submit the following documents and information as they apply to your project. If a document is requested that you feel does not apply to your project, upload the Document Waiver Form in place of the requested document.

    Resources for sign plan review

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