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    Prior to Bellevue's incorporation, King County Fire Protection District 14 provided the first organized fire suppression efforts for the area. Formed in 1942, it was staffed solely by volunteers, and funds to support this new entity were raised through a Fireman’s Ball. After Bellevue incorporated in 1953, District 14 continued to serve the city and surrounding areas. Following a number of devastating fires, including one that nearly cost four of volunteers their lives, the city formed a professional department with full-time firefighters in 1965. In that first year, the small-town department responded to 253 calls.

    Today Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington and one of its fastest growing. The fire department has grown to meet the expanding needs of our community; it responds to approximately 20,000 incidents each year, 75% of them medical in nature.

    The department is committed to a high standard of excellence, positively impacting the health and safety of our community, and is proud to maintain one of the highest cardiac arrest survival rates in world.

    The Fire Department prides itself on maintaining accreditation with the Center for Public Safety Excellence and a Class 2 rating from the Washington State Survey and Rating Bureau. Bellevue Fire ranks in the top 1% of the 46,699 rated departments in the U.S., and is one of the top three departments in the state.

    Our Mission

    Assist the public in the protection of life and property by minimizing the impact of fire, medical emergencies and potential disasters or uncontrolled events.

    Our Vision

    A protected, prepared and healthy community.

    Our Values

    Bellevue Fire embraces the City of Bellevue’s Core Values and is committed to upholding and embodying them in our policies, culture and daily actions.

    The Bellevue Fire Department is accredited by the Center for Public Safety Excellence. This nonprofit organization is a primary resource for the fire and emergency profession to continuously improve services,

    Accreditation requires extensive preparation, and signifies that the department conforms to the highest professional standards, demonstrating proficiencies in 244 performance indicators, and 77 core competencies. The department has been accredited since 1998, one of the first in the nation, and one of three departments in Washington to obtain the distinction.

    The department also maintains a Class 2 rating from the Washington State Survey and Rating Bureau, placing Bellevue in the top 1 percent of the nearly 47,000 rated departments in the U.S. and among the top three departments in the state.

    2019 Accreditation Manual

    In November 2016, Bellevue voters approved a levy to fund Fire Department capital projects needed to better serve the community, including seismic retrofits of the fire stations and construction of a new downtown station.