• Family, Youth & Teen Services

    Family, Youth & Teen Services creates a diverse and approachable environment to provide youth the opportunity to learn confidence and integrity. This program offers a broad spectrum of services and healthy recreational options to meet the changing needs of Bellevue’s youth.  

    Various Services

    Bellevue Skate Parks
    Crossroads Community Center
    Youth Link
    Youth Sports & Fitness
    Wrap-Around Services (below)
    Family, Youth & Teens Directory

    Wrap-Around Services

    Wrap–Around Services is a collaborative project of the City of Bellevue and the Bellevue School District. These programs promote healthy families and a healthy community through a single access point at Bellevue public schools.

    Youth receive academic support, mentoring, recreation, mental health services and dental care. Families receive parenting workshops, English language classes, crisis support and family fun nights. Community members enjoy cultural celebrations, service projects and neighborhood events.


    Jeannie Anderson (425-456-5312, Lake Hills Elementary)
    Cecilia Martinez-Vasquez (425-456-6018, Stevenson Elementary)

    Bellevue Youth Link

    Bellevue Youth Link is a youth empowerment program co-sponsored by the City of Bellevue and Bellevue Public Schools. Founded in 1990, Youth Link gives teens an active voice in the community and an opportunity to make things happen.

    Youth Link offers opportunities for teens to get leadership training and community service. From concept to project, members meet to plan out special projects and events helping the community. Enjoy monthly social and community service events and build lasting friendships.


    Patrick Alina (425-452-2846)

    Youth Link website 
    Youth Link Board