• Hidden Valley Sports Park Partnership

    Project Description

    The project constructed a new multi-purpose Boys & Girls Club gymnasium, located adjacent to the lighted ballfield, a modest parking lot expansion, sports field improvements (synthetic field conversions) and the addition of a fourth baseball field. The project was completed in 2015.

    The City of Bellevue and the Boys & Girls Club of Bellevue (BGCB) have worked together in support of children and families for many years. Partnerships include the South Bellevue Community Center, Lake Hills Clubhouse and Ground Zero Teen Center.

    In 2011 the two parties proposed a partnership at the City-owned Hidden Valley Park. The City has approved and entered into a long-term lease to allow the BGCB to construct and operate a gymnasium at the park. In return, the BGCB would share the cost to improve the athletic fields at the park, and would allow the City to utilize the gym for City programs when not being used by the BGCB. The BGCB Board of Directors and the Bellevue City Council have endorsed the partnership, and City Council approved it on 8-5-13.

    The Partnership Includes:

    1. The City will provide a 50-year lease to the BGCB to construct an approximately 22,500 square-foot multi-purpose gymnasium at Hidden Valley Park, located near the park's entry off of 112th Avenue NE.
    2. BGCB will design, construct and operate the gym solely at their cost. The gym will include three full-sized basketball courts and would be designed to accommodate multiple sport courts. The City has no financial obligation for the gym but will have use of the gym space at no cost when not being used for BGCB activities.
    3. The City and BGCB share equally in the cost for athletic field and site improvements, estimated at $5 million:
      a. Install synthetic turf on the lighted field.
      b. Construct a third Little League field at the north end of the park.
      c. Install synthetic turf on all three infields.
      d. Site improvements (parking, circulation, stormwater).
    4. BGCB and the City will work jointly to schedule the use of the gym and sports fields as follows:
      a. BGCB will schedule the use of the gym for City programs during non-club times.
      b. The City will schedule the use of the fields for BGCB outdoor programs without displacing existing programs.
    5. BGCB and the City agree to work jointly towards ensuring that all Bellevue youth are served, regardless of their ability to pay.

    A community meeting introducing the project was held on October 11, and a public hearing was held on November 15, to encourage feedback and to allow the public to ask questions and express concerns.