• Keeping Waterways Clean

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    Great blue heron eating a fish

    People in Bellevue enjoy the city’s streams, lakes and wetlands for their beauty and for recreation. These waterways are also home to salmon and many other types of fish and wildlife.

    As water from rainfall flows over rooftops, streets and yards, it picks up and carries pollutants such as fertilizers, soap, oil, dirt, metals and solvents. This pollution flows directly into Bellevue’s storm drains and ends up harming streams, lakes and wetlands.

    To increase awareness about pollution in waterways, Bellevue is part of a regional campaign called "Puget Sound Starts Here," made up of more than 300 Puget Sound organizations that support the message that the Sound's pollution problems start in our own backyards.

    Do you want clean water in your community? There are easy ways to help keep our waterways free of pollution. If you wouldn't drink it or swim in it, don't put it down the storm drain. Check the poster, brochures and other resources below for other things you can do to protect water quality.

    Do You Want Clean Water in Your Community poster

    Nothing but rain down the storm drain!

    Who to call

    If you see signs of pollutant spills in a lake or stream or near a storm drain, please call Utilities 24-hour emergency number, 425-452-7840. If you have questions about installing vegetated roofs, rain gardens or porous pavements, please call the Utilities Permit Center station, 425-452-4187.