• Streams, Lakes and Wetlands

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    Great blue heron eating a fish

    Streams, lakes and wetlands are critical areas protected from development, and constitute a natural part of Bellevue's drainage system.

    Bellevue has more than 80 miles of streams, which provide habitat for salmon, cutthroat trout, waterfowl and other wildlife. In addition to bordering Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, Bellevue has three small lakes – Phantom Lake, Larsen Lake and Lake Bellevue. More than 800 acres of wetlands here slow down stormwater runoff, preventing flooding and erosion, and serve as a rich habitat for fish and wildlife.

    Help ensure our streams, lakes and wetlands stay healthy.

    • In Bellevue it's illegal to remove plants from or disturb stream corridors. Please call Development Services (425-452-4188) for more information.
    • If you see signs of pollutant spills near a storm drain or water body, please call Utilities (425-452-7840).
    • Iron-oxide deposits and blue-green algae are common water concerns in Bellevue. Our information sheet offers details and directions on what to do.
    • To volunteer to help our waterways, see Stream Team Volunteers. To volunteer to mark storm drains with a pollution prevention message, call Utilities at 425-452-6166.