• Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions about the Zip Tour and Challenge Course and, more importantly, the answers, are presented here. If your question isn't here, just contact us and we'll be happy to answer it.

    Safety rules and function dictate what should be worn on a course or tour. Participants who aren't dressed appropriately may be asked to change in order to participate. Appropriate dress includes:
    • Comfortable clothing that allows you to be moderately active.
    • Close-toed shoes with a fully enclosed upper that are well secured with little to no heel - athletic shoes are perfect!
    • Pants or shorts that are at least mid-thigh in length.
    • A top that fully covers your entire torso.
    • Little to no jewelry - especially dangling earrings that can get snagged.
    • Long hair that is pulled back and worn low (not on top of the head) if you'll be wearing a helmet.
    • A rain coat or other rain gear if the forecast is calling for rain.
    You should bring items with you that will help you be comfortable and engaged for the duration for your experience. Common items include:
    • A refillable water bottle (there is no running water up at the Bellevue Challenge Course & Zip Tour but you can fill up at the South Bellevue Community Center).
    • Snacks if you know you'll need a boost, or a picnic lunch if you're spending a full day with us.
    • A camera or a phone to take pictures of your day. And yes, you can take it onto the course or tour with you as long as you accept the risk of it getting dropped, lost and/or damaged.
    • Some programs/organizations discourage their participants from using electronics- please know in advance if this means you.
    • Another layer of clothing, just in case!
    • A small bag to carry everything in.

    We specialize in outdoor adventures, and in the Pacific Northwest that means being prepared to be outside in the rain! All of our programs run in the rain and all of our participants should dress accordingly. A rain coat or some sort of waterproof outer layer is a critical item that EVERY person should have if they're going to be outside in the rain with us. The only time we will cancel a program due to weather is if the weather has crossed over a line into being unsafe: high winds, thunder, lightning, hail, etc.

    All of our participant eligibility requirements are in place to meet safety requirements and help ensure a good experience for everyone, so everyone needs to meet the requirements in order to participate. Just like roller coasters, the safety systems for challenge courses and zip tours are engineered for certain sizes of people, which is why height and weight restrictions exist. Age requirements are in place because some of our programs involve people being directly in charge of their life safety system, or involved in the safety of others. If you have any questions about why a certain requirement exists, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We're happy to answer your questions!

    How strenuous your experience is has a lot to do with the particular program you're participating in. The Low Course and Vertical Playpen can be facilitated to have roles that require relatively low levels of physical participation. Contrary to this, participants on the Zip Tour and High Course should be able to do things such as stand for moderate periods of time, be able to climb a ladder, and be able to bend and to reach overhead. Other things to consider are whether you can wear a harness that constricts and puts significant pressure around your waist, and whether you have a condition that dictates that you should limit stress or physical exertion. No adventure is worth taking a risk that you know you shouldn't. If you are unsure whether participating is a good idea we recommend consulting with your physician first.

    It depends. Each group's goals are different, and each group's needs are different - especially when it comes to climbing up onto a course! The program you think you want might not be the program that will get you the best outcome. Every group that comes to us gets one-on-one customer service to help build the best plan for their day. Give us a call and we can usually propose a program that's a great fit in less than 10 minutes - no pressure, just good options!

    If you have a specific date or time that you would like to come out, booking sooner is always better than later. For organized, team-based groups this generally means at MINIMUM 30 days in advance. For recreational Zip Tours and High Ropes Adventure you should consider booking at MINIMUM 3 days in advance since time slots that have no one signed up will get cancelled.

    All organized groups are required to have an updated count to Northwest Teambuilding at least eight (8) days before your program. The count on record at this time will be your minimum billable amount, and more importantly what the Northwest Teambuilding staff will be planning for. All of our programs have maximum capacities and staff to participant ratios that we need to adhere to. Any changes up or down in your attendance should be reported to Northwest Teambuilding as soon as possible so any needed adjustments can be made. What if I don't see my question? Contact the South Bellevue Community Center at 425-452-4240 or email sbcc@bellevuewa.gov.