• Human Services

    In 1986 the City Council resolved that the city would act to ensure that the basic survival needs of Bellevue residents are met. The city serves as a planner, facilitator and funder for support systems that help people through economic and personal crisis and provide low- and moderate-income persons with opportunities to succeed. King County 211 offers more information about local human resources providers.

    The Human Services Division of the Parks & Community Services Department administers the Human Services Fund.

    Funding for Agencies/Organizations

    The Seattle Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund – Phase 2 funding opportunities have been announced on their webpage. There will be a total of $6 million distributed in three tracks of funding.  Contact the Seattle Foundation at covid19@seattlefoundation.org to make sure they are aware of your organization’s work in these areas for vulnerable workers and families.

    Meeting basic needs

    The City of Bellevue defines human services as those provided specifically to individuals and families to meet basic human needs for:

    • Survival
    • Finding and retaining gainful employment
    • Support in times of personal and family crisis
    • Assistance in overcoming family or individual problems
    • Help in gaining access to available, appropriate services

    Bellevue’s role in human services

    Bellevue takes one of the following three roles in human services, depending on the need:

    • Planner: assess and anticipate needs and develop appropriate policy and program responses.
    • Facilitator: convene and engage others in community problem-solving to develop and improve services.
    • Funder: disburse federal Community Development Block Grant and General Fund dollars to support a network of services that respond to community needs.

    Funding Cycle

    Bellevue's human service funding is on a two-year cycle, with second-year funding contingent on contract performance and program outcomes. For more information about funding criteria and timelines, please contact Christy Stangland, Human Services Planner (CStangland@bellevuewa.gov or 425-452-6452).

    The Donations page for more information, or the most recent Bellevue ESL Report.