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    With 2,700 acres of parks and open space, Bellevue offers countless options to get outside!

    A boy plays at Surrey Downs Park.

    Bellevue's summer park rangers typically work from Memorial Day through Labor Day, 8 a.m. to midnight daily, providing education and outreach for the city. They can be reached directly at 425-864-1899. Please call 911 for any emergency or Bellevue Police for law enforcement needs.

    Reduced maintenance

    Starting in spring 2021, residents may notice a difference in the way vegetation in parks and along city roadways is maintained. The reason for the reduced maintenance approach is due to budget cuts caused by the economic impact of COVID-19.

    In December 2020, the City Council approved a 2021-2022 budget that addressed a projected shortfall of $16 million per year. The budget was balanced using one-time resources such as reserves, modest increases in some taxes and fees and cost containment.

    Like other cities across the nation, Bellevue’s revenue stream was hit hard by COVID-19, but through sound fiscal management, the council avoided cuts that impact safety and health. The tradeoff, however, is that residents will likely see changes in the way the city maintains streetscapes and parks. Here are some examples of where residents may notice the impact:

      • A decrease in some landscape services such as watering, weeding and mowing in neighborhood parks, which may result in browned-out turf and a less manicured appearance than in years past.
      • The city will continue to keep parks, trails and beaches open and will reopen recreation programs as COVID-19 restrictions allow.
      • In addition, the budget preserved and enhanced critical human services funding.

    Bellevue staff ask for the public’s patience, and its assistance. If someone does see a street maintenance issue they believe impacts public safety – not just aesthetics – please report it at 425-452-6885 or parksmaintenance@bellevuewa.gov


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