• Resident Resources

    The City of Bellevue ensures residents have access to a range of key services, including: drinking water; wastewater treatment; construction permitting; police protection and fire service. We keep the streets in good repair and help you find the fastest way to get around, whether you're in a car, on a bike or walking. You have dozens of parks and trails to choose from in Bellevue, with fun classes and activities to match. Neighborhood Outreach supports Bellevue's dynamic neighborhoods, while the city also supports organizations that help residents in need.

    For prompt service for an immediate request for service, for everything from a broken streetlight to a pothole, please use our MyBellevue service portal. For any kind of emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, you can find the resource you're looking for from the choices on the left.

    Bellevue By the Numbers offers contact information for city departments as well as local nonprofit agencies.

    Mini City Hall at Crossroads