• Lake Washington Lake Line Management Plan

    The City of Bellevue’s "Lake Lines" are a portion of the sewer system located along the shorelines of Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. Approximately 15 miles of the lake lines run along the Lake Washington shoreline, connected to 15 pump stations and eight flush stations. These sewer pipes are either underwater or on land adjacent to the lake.

    Most of the Lake Washington lake lines were constructed in the 1950s and '60s to prevent raw sewage from being directly discharged into the lake. Half a century later, these pipes now serve more than 1,000 community members in Bellevue and neighboring communities. However, the pipes are aging, and their location creates challenges for repair and replacement.

    Why lake line plan is needed

    Without advanced planning, the lake line system will begin to fail, potentially causing loss of service to residents and risk to the sensitive lake environment. Bellevue Utilities is developing a management plan for the repair, replacement and maintenance of the system. The plan will help ensure we can continue to provide safe and reliable sewer service to the community and protect public health and the delicate Lake Washington ecosystem. 

    Lake Line Location Challenges

    The pipes' location in and adjacent to the lake presents technical, environmental, operational and financial challenges. In the lake line plan, we will identify key issues in the system. This will help the city plan and prioritize future repair, replacement and continued assessment of the lake lines.    

    What to Expect

    The project team is reviewing information about the lake line system to develop strategies for future repair, replacement or maintenance.

    The lake line will be divided into sections for analysis and planning. Some sections may not require work; others will require repair, replacement or maintenance.

    The city will prepare an environmental impact statement, in accordance with the State Environmental Policy Act, for each strategy, while developing the management plan.

    The development of the lake line management plan will not result in the final design or construction of any areas of the lake line. The purpose of the plan is to develop and document a long-term approach for rehabilitation or replacement of the lake lines, including financial and policy components, and will incorporate mitigation recommendations from the environmental impact statement into the plan.

    Project location

    This project is located in Lake Washington adjacent to the waterfronts of the following areas (identified on map below):

    • Bellevue
    • Medina
    • Hunts Point
    • Yarrow Point
    • Beaux Arts Village
    • Small portion of unincorporated King County
    Lake Washington Sewer Lake Lines


    Image of timeline for both the lake line management plan and the related environmental impact statement

    Public engagement

    The city will provide comment periods for the management plan strategies and environmental impact study analysis during EIS scoping, when decisions will be made about which factors to study in the EIS and following publication of the draft EIS.

    The city will use multiple channels to communicate important information and updates throughout the project, including this page, mailed notices, online public meetings and possible in-person meetings (pending COVID-19 conditions). You can subscribe for email or text updates. 

    Bellevue Utilities is committed to providing up-to-date project information throughout the project and EIS process. As the project continues, we are looking forward to your comments and feedback. 


    For questions about the management plan: Angela Chung, P.E., LEED-AP, Project Manager, LkWaLakeLine@bellevuewa.gov, 425-452-4320

    For questions about the environmental impact statement: Reilly Pittman, Acting Environmental Planning Manager, LakeLineEIS@bellevuewa.gov, 425-452-4350

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