• Horizon View 2 Reservoir and Pump Station Project

    Bellevue Utilities is in the early design phase of the project to replace the Horizon View 2 water reservoir and pump station at 4809 151st Ave SE in Bellevue’s Horizon View neighborhood. 

    The aging reservoir and pump station are critical water storage and supply facilities for the area. Both facilities need replacement to enhance seismic resilience, protect water quality, increase storage volume, and maintain a high level of reliability for drinking water and fire protection to the neighborhood and surrounding area.

    The graphic below shows the proposed reservoir and pump station building layout that will replace the aging and undersized facilities. This project is part of Utilities' rehabilitation and replacement program, established to maintain the area’s water service infrastructure.

    Horizon View 2 Project graphic


    Please refer to the preliminary schedule below for a snapshot of what to expect over the next few years. The City will provide further communication about project status and anticipated impacts at later stages.     

    Horizon View 2 Project timeline