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    In Development Services we review plans and issue permits for construction projects and land uses. The permit process includes permit application, plan review, contractor approval and inspections.

    If you have never applied for a permit with the City of Bellevue, our Getting Started page provides guidance, including a permitting and plan review guide with step-by-step instructions on permitting, plan review, hiring a contractor and inspection requirements.

    A Predevelopment Services Review offers assistance early in the development process so you can receive help and feedback with your project before submitting a permit application.

    If you are still unsure how to proceed, please contact our permit center. City staff will answer all your questions and work with you throughout the permit and plan review process. Bellevue's permitting data (1998 to present) is available in the city's Open Data portal

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      Refer to Permit FAQs and Building Permit Requirements for guidance on when you need a permit. 

      Some projects that can require a permit include: 

      Apply for permits and submit plans online
      Virtual Permit Center
      Schedule one-on-one time with staff to receive assistance with general permitting questions. 
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