• After Using an Athletic Field

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    Contact the Parks Scheduling Office if there is anything that didn’t go as planned at the field. If there was a conflict, light issues, or you have questions about game prep, please send as many details as possible via email for follow-up. If there was a rainout, please submit an Update Form for Field Reservations.

    Review the Adding a Reservation webpage and submit a Request Form for Additional Use.

    1. Please let us know when your group is finished with use for the year. We will review your account and refund any remaining credit.
    2. Complete and submit a Post-Season League Report.
    3. Complete and submit the user survey - How Are We Doing? This is your opportunity to applaud what we are doing well or let us know about issues where improvements might be needed. NOTE: Even if you discussed concerns with the City during the season, this is another (and sometimes better) opportunity to bring it to our attention.
    1. The City invites the field groups from the current year and those that have expressed interest in using fields for the following year to gather and discuss field scheduling issues (especially changes planned) for the following year. This meeting is usually held in October.
    2. We usually begin accepting requests in the Fall for the following year. Review the Athletic Field Scheduling Timeline.
    3. When the website has been updated for the following year, the Parks Scheduling Office will send an email. Make sure that we have the most up-to-date email address on file.