• Athletic Field Definitions

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    Division of available field time between the groups requesting field time. The process involves determining what field time is available for community use and what community groups are requesting field time (along with the size of the group and the percentage of Bellevue residents involved).

    If a participant LIVES within the City of Bellevue OR the Bellevue School District boundaries, he/she is considered a Bellevue resident. A group’s number of Bellevue residents divided by its total number of participants is the group’s Bellevue Residency Percentage. During allocation, the Bellevue Residency Percentage is utilized, so a group with 85%, 75%, or 25% are all treated differently. The Bellevue resident rates apply to non-commercial youth use with a Bellevue Residency Percentage of 80% or more. Official rosters with participant names and home addresses may be requested.

    If field time reserved for future dates is no longer needed, please submit an Update Form for Field Reservations with as much notice as possible. Credit available is based on the amount of notice.

    A for-profit group (AKA business) offering programs at our fields. For commercial groups offering programs for youth, the adult rates apply.

    When an organization has a lot of reservations within a given month or uses spreadsheets, the list of reservations from a Field Agreement can be sent over in an Excel format. This is NOT an official version of the Confirmation.

    A Field Agreement is usually sent out as a .pdf file and lists all the reservation information and notes. It includes the current information without any information about what the group used to have, if changed. The field reservations are sorted in date order. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL VERSION OF THE CONFIRMATION, so a copy should be taken to the field during use as proof of the reservation. Groups who have made changes in their reservations can request an updated Field Agreement at any time to get the current complete list of reservations. NOTE: Please review the email to which the Field Agreement is attached and any other attachments that were included, since they all contain helpful information.

    Formal Field Use is ongoing use for multiple months (like a full season) or multiple dates (like a tournament or sports camp). In most cases, Formal Field Use is requested by an organization rather than an individual team, unless the team is responsible for the game and practice field reservations.

    A game has two teams and officials. A practice game, or scrimmage, with two teams but no officials, is treated like a practice. Multiple games, where the outcome determines the teams playing in later games, are considered a tournament.

    Informal Field Use is use on a few select dates by a single team (like practices prior to the season) or for a single event (like a school field day, company picnic, or family party).

    An invoice shows if there is some money due AT THIS TIME, based on the parameters used. It does NOT include field reservation information. When an invoice is sent out, payment is due immediately. Please ask if there are questions about an invoice or more information needed about the reservations involved.

    A practice is one team working on its skills. A practice game or scrimmage, with two teams but no officials, is treated like a practice.

    If field reservations cannot be used due to poor weather or field conditions, groups can ask for credit. To get credit for light fees, please leave a message on the Field Lights number (425-452-2864). To ask for credit for field fees, please submit an Update Form for Field Reservations. It can be submitted daily or weekly, but is required no later than the first day of the following month.

    A receipt shows the amount paid and the remaining balance, if there is one. A receipt is usually sent out via email after a payment has been processed. Payment for a remaining balance may not be due at this time. If you want to know when payment is due for a remaining balance, please ask for more information. NOTE: If the receipt is sent out from the system’s email address (ParksWeb@bellevuewa.gov), please do NOT reply to it. Instead, please send comments or questions to our direct email address, BallfieldRental@bellevuewa.gov.

    The Receipt Number (#) (currently seven digits) is located on the upper left of the Field Agreement, above the Organization Name and Address. A Receipt # should be included when submitting an Update Form or Request Form for Additional Field Use. NOTE: The Receipt # is usually different for each month of use.

    A practice game or scrimmage, with two teams but no officials, is treated as a practice.

    Field use that meets the following criteria will be considered a camp and allocated separately:

    1. For youth (high school or younger) participants.
    2. Takes place during the day on weekdays.
    3. Uses the same field for at least three days per week and at least three hours per day.
    4. Has participants registered for the full week, in comparison to a one-day-per-week session for multiple weeks (e.g., a clinic).

    Field requests that meet the camp criteria should be submitted on a separate request form from regular season field use.

    Field payments for Sports Camps are on a different payment schedule than regular field use.

    A tournament is multiple games in a day or consecutive days when the outcome of one game determines the teams that will be playing in later games. Requests for tournament field time should be separate from the regular season field use. If multiple tournaments are planned, a separate request form should be submitted for each tournament. Field payments for tournaments are on a different payment schedule than regular field use.

    Once an account has been created, each person involved will be issued a User Code. The User Code is unique for each person in the group (field scheduler, treasurer, president). When there is a change in the primary contact for a group, the User Code used will change, too. If someone is involved with multiple field groups, he/she will have the same User Code for each group. A User Code can be used in lieu of signature on the Terms & Conditions section of a request form and on other field scheduling forms. A returning client can contact us to find out his/her User Code.