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    Bellevue Utilities provides high-quality drinking water, sewer and stormwater drainage services that sustain and support your quality of life. The average customer spends $6.49 a day for all of these services. Of that, 30%, or about $2, goes toward supporting construction projects to replace aging pipes, pumps and reservoirs and build new ones for a growing Bellevue.

    Your rates support:

    • Delivery of some of the best tasting and safest water. Utilities does this with its more than 600 miles of water mains and 24 reservoirs that have a storage capacity of over 40 million gallons.
    • Waterways free from raw sewage and reduction of polluted stormwater runoff. Utilities is responsible for protecting over 80 miles of open streams and more than 800 acres of protected wetlands.
    • Protection of your safety and health by preventing flooding and sewer backups. Utilities safely delivers your wastewater to King County treatment facilities more than 500 miles of sewer mains.

    Infrastructure renewal and replacement

    Bellevue has over $3.5 billion worth of water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure. Continued investment in these facilities is important as they age, to keep them functioning to provide the drinking water, sewer and stormwater drainage services you rely on.

    Infrastructure Projects

    Water main replacement program.

    Healthy environment

    Bellevue is known as a "city in a park." Utilities' capital Investments help support a livable city in the following ways:

    • Flood control projects protect property and the environment.
    • Maintaining sewer pump stations prevents sewage overflows, supporting healthy waterways.
    • Improving stream stability by reducing erosion, removing barriers to fish passage and removing pollutants from stormwater runoff supports healthier streams for fish and wildlife.
    Coal Creek Parkway Culvert Project

    Environmental Projects

    Increasing capacity

    Bellevue remains attractive to both new residents and businesses. Bellevue Utilities plans for and helps provide sufficient water and sewer capacity for planned population and employment growth.

    Bellefield Pump Station Project

    Capacity Projects

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