• Side Sewer Permit Conditions

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    1. Utilities has specific information about relining and pipe bursting.
    2. An on-site preconstruction meeting can be scheduled by calling 425-452-6875 and entering inspection code 630 for any questions about constructability prior to construction.
    3. The Utility Codes and Engineering Standards are included by reference as part of this permit. Issuance of the permit and acceptance by the property owner (owner), his designated agent or his contractor shall be construed as evidence that the owner and his contractor have read the same and agree to its terms and stipulations in their entirety.
    4. Information provided by the City of Bellevue in the form of system as-builts or side sewer drawings is based on the best available information. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. All information should be field verified prior to construction. Call 811 before you dig for utility locations. The city assumes no responsibility for improper locations or failure to show utility locations on the approved plans.
    5. Owner shall accept full responsibility and will hold the City of Bellevue harmless for any liability, damage, losses and/or costs that may accrue from performance of work by the owner or his contractor under this permit.
    6. Owner and his contractor shall safeguard the work done under this permit in such a manner as to prevent injury and/or damage to public or private property and to the municipal sewer system. Whenever it is necessary during construction to remove or disturb culverts, landscaping, driveways, roads, pipelines, monuments, property stakes or other existing improvements, whether public or private, they shall be replaced to a condition equal to that existing before they were so removed or disturbed.
    7. No backfilling shall be done until the sewer facilities have been inspected, tested and approved by the utilities inspector. If any work is covered without the approval or consent of the utility, it shall be uncovered for inspection at no cost to the utility. All pipe shall be bedded in 5/8-inch minus crushed rock. Do not use pea gravel. All excavations within the right-of-way shall be backfilled with 5/8–inch minus crushed rock to finished subgrade. A compaction test report shall be provided to the inspector if the work is in the Right of Way.
    8. For single family residential connections, sewer hole-cuts (6-inch minimum diameter) on 8-inch diameter and larger, concrete, metallic and clay pipe shall be performed by a qualified coring contractor at the Owner’s expense in the presence of the utilities inspector. Use a Romac-style CB sewer saddle (6-inch diameter) to complete the connection to clay, concrete and DI sewer mains (8-inch minimum diameter). PVC mains require a new PVC side sewer tee to be cut in.
    9. Cores shall be made at the 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock positions. The pipe coupon shall be provided to the utilities inspector. The cored hole shall be free of lips, burrs and other defects that may catch debris. Jagged, non-circular, improperly sized and/or mislocated cores, and cracked or otherwise damaged pipe sections shall require that the damaged pipe section be replaced with a PVC tee and mechanical, Romac-style transition couplings on concrete, metallic and clay pipe, and rigid PVC couplings on PVC pipe. Flexible rubber couplings (e.g., Fernco and Caulder couplings) are not allowed on the sewer main or the 6-inch side sewer lateral.
    10. The contractor shall arrange a time to accompany the utilities inspector on the final inspection and subsequent re-inspection, if required. Deficiencies discovered during the final inspection shall be corrected within seven (7) days of notice thereof and, in no instance, shall service be provided until the deficiencies are corrected and the work passes re-inspection.
    11. When work is to occur in existing easements, the contractor shall notify the easement grantor and the Bellevue Utilities Department in writing a minimum of 48 hours in advance of beginning work. Failure to notify the grantor and Bellevue Utilities will result in a stop work order being posted until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of Bellevue Utilities. A written release from the easement grantor for the restoration of the easement area shall be furnished to the utilities inspector prior to permit sign-off.
    12. Side sewer and storm drain laterals in the right of way or in public easements shall conform to the requirements set forth in the Utilities Engineering Standards . Within the right of way or within a public easement, the minimum pipe size shall be six (6) inches in diameter. Pipe material shall be PVC (SDR 35 minimum) Separate Right of Way permit is required. Repair permits cannot include work in the Right of Way.
    13. For side sewers, the connection between the HDPE side sewer and the 6-inch side sewer lateral shall only be made with a size-on-size mechanical coupling, such as a Romac 501-style coupling, or a gasketed long pattern sleeve. Flexible rubber couplings (e.g., Fernco and Calder-style couplings) are not allowed.
    14. For side sewer laterals six (6) inches in diameter and larger, the connection to the lateral shall only be made with a size-on-size mechanical transition coupling, such as a Romac 501-style coupling, or a gasketed long pattern DI sleeve. Flexible rubber couplings (e.g., Fernco and Calder-style couplings) are not allowed.