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    Water System Plan
    Bellevue's Water System Plan (the Plan) documents water utility policies, procedures, current inventory of assets, and analysis of system needs. The Plan is available here for download through the links below.

    Volume 1 | Water System Plan

    Volume 2 | Appendixes

    Volume 3 | Interlocal Agreements

    Volume 4 | Engineering Standards

    Bellevue sought feedback on the draft plan from residents and businesses as part of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review process, during November and December 2015. The results of the SEPA evaluation are available here.

    During the SEPA review process, the draft plan was also reviewed by adjacent utilities and municipalities, the King County Utilities Technical Review Committee, and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). A complete list of comments is provided at the end of Appendix A (Volume 2).

    The Plan was adopted by Bellevue City Council in June 2016 (Resolution No. 9104), adopted by King County Council in December 2016 (Ordinance No. 18436), and approved by DOH in January 2017.

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