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    2021 Business Survey

    Conducted every two years by the city, the Bellevue business survey addresses Bellevue's key metrics, taxation and attitudes about starting, operating and owning a business in Bellevue. The 2021 Business Survey was conducted in June of 2021 and serves to inform Cultural and Economic Development planning, Economic Development Plan progress, and program development citywide. The full survey report includes detailed findings on business and cultural arts within Bellevue by sector, size and geographic location within Bellevue.

    Some key highlights:

    • 92% of people saw Bellevue's economy to be better in the Puget Sound cities and towns
    • 79% viewed Bellevue as a better place to do business
    • 67% would recommend doing business in Bellevue
    • 68% recommend Bellevue as a Vibrant Arts and Cultural Destination
    2021 Business Survey findings

    Economic Development Plan

    As part of the 2020 Economic Development Plan Update, a detailed Economic and Demographic Analysis was conducted. This analysis gives an overview of Bellevue’s major economic and demographic characteristics compared to regional and national benchmark geographies.


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