• Virtual Permit Center

    Development Services is offering virtual permit center meetings to allow customers to schedule one-on-one online time with staff to receive assistance with general permitting questions. For information about permits and the permitting process, please visit our Permits page. For customers who still have questions, virtual permit center meetings can be scheduled after reviewing the information below. Customers can schedule virtual permit center meetings with permit technicians and plan reviewers to get answers to general permit questions.  

    Things to Know Before Scheduling

    Virtual permit center meetings will be 15-20 minutes long. 
    • Meetings are being offered to provide additional options for customers with general questions about the permit process.  
    Virtual permit center meetings are not consultations of existing permits. 
    • For customers with questions about an existing project that has a permit number, please contact the assigned reviewer directly. Contact information can be found by checking the permit status at MyBuildingPermit.com or by using the employee directory
    Virtual permit center meetings are intended for general questions about the permit process. 
    • For customers seeking individualized review of project plans, the city's Predevelopment Services information page covers how to get assistance and detailed feedback on a project early in the development process before submitting a permit application.
    Permits will not be issued as a result of a virtual permit center meeting. 
    • For customers ready to submit an application following the virtual permit center meeting, permit applications can be submitted at MyBuildingPermit.com

    Before the Meeting

    Organize and plan for the virtual permit center meeting:
    • Have a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access. 
    • Virtual permit center meetings will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. Need help with Teams? More information is available about this virtual meeting platform. Join a meeting in Teams
    • Customers will not be able to email files before, during or after the meeting. 

    During the Meeting

    • Development Services representatives will have the ability to share their screen with customers in order to share important information. 
    • For customers with preliminary/conceptual plans, be prepared to share electronic project documents via Microsoft Teams screen sharing. Learn about screen and content sharing in Teams

    Schedule Your Virtual Permit Center Meeting

    Learn more about the types of appointments available and schedule a virtual permit center meeting using the menu below. Development Services staff will review the information submitted with scheduling requests and customers will receive confirmation and a link to join the meeting via Microsoft Teams. 

    Not sure what type of permit you need? Visit our Permits page, which includes a permit search function and links to other helpful information. 

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    What is the Virtual Permit Center? 

    Watch this short video to learn about the Virtual Permit Center and how to schedule your appointment. 

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    For assistance with what kind of appointment to schedule or how to apply for a permit, please contact a Permit Technician via phone or email. 
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