• Affordable Housing Strategy

    With the cost of renting or owning housing in Bellevue rising faster than income for many in the region, housing is not affordable to a significant portion of the population. The City Council recognizes that it is critically important to provide a safe, healthy and affordable place to live for people of all income levels to sustain Bellevue’s livability and economic vitality.

    The city adopted an Affordable Housing Strategy (AHS) in 2017 which includes 5 strategies and 21 actions to increase the availability and access to affordable housing over the next ten years. The AHS builds from and supplements these efforts with additional effective tools. The primary purpose of the AHS is to improve affordable housing opportunities throughout the city consistent with City Council priorities, Comprehensive Plan guidance, and Economic Development Plan Strategies.

    The Affordable Housing Strategy supports a healthy housing market in the city that:

    • Provides affordability across a range of incomes mirroring our population and workforce;
    • Provides a variety of affordable housing choices that meet the needs of our community including:
      • Young persons in college or just entering the job market;
      • First-time home buyers or new employees who are ready to purchase a home;
      • Our aging population, especially those on fixed/limited income, who wish to remain in the community; and
      • Families that want to keep their children in Bellevue schools.
    • Preserves the integrity of single-family areas while considering, through the neighborhood planning process, housing that can accommodate a wider spectrum of needs, and foster ongoing investments by individual homeowners.
    Council Updates
    • Twice annually, City staff provide an update on progress of the Affordable Housing Strategy to the City Council.
    • Last Council update was on April 11, 2022