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    Project CATCON ID

    The city of Bellevue has seen a dramatic spike in catalytic converter thefts, paralleling what law enforcement is seeing across the country. Catalytic converters contain valuable precious metals that thieves sell to scrap metal yards. It can take less than a minute for a thief to steal a catalytic converter, and it can cost thousands of dollars to replace. This is an enormous burden for those affected by the theft and it is illegal to drive your car without one.

    To help deter and prevent catalytic converter thefts, the Bellevue Police Department is partnering with local businesses to launch Project CATCON ID to promote theft prevention techniques. Project CATCON ID events allow residents to have their catalytic converters etched with the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and highlighted with bright high-temperature paint. If your converter is stolen and reported, we can track it back to the owner and help solve the crime if the catalytic converter is recovered. 

    To learn other ways to protect your vehicle, view our catalytic converter theft prevention sheet.

    Community Etching Events

    The Bellevue Police department is partnering with local auto dealerships and Bellevue High School for catalytic converter etching events. Car owners can have their catalytic converters etched and highlighted with high-temperature paint free of charge.

    All appointments have been filled. Please check back frequently for future Project CATCON ID events.

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