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    The City Attorney's Office advises City government and officials, rather than individuals. Individuals must retain their own lawyers for legal advice and representation.

    In an effort to assist citizens unfamiliar with the legal system, we have compiled a list of common questions received by the City Attorney’s Office. Click on the below links to find information regarding available legal resources, and how to better navigate the legal system.

    Complaints or concerns, specifically about the performance of the City Attorney's Office or its employees, may be made via e-mail to the City Attorney’s Office Chief of Staff at City Attorney.

    Who Can Accept Service of Process for lawsuits?

    If you are filing a lawsuit against the City of Bellevue, you must serve the City by personally serving the City Clerk on behalf of the City.

    Please note: The City can ONLY accept Service of Process on behalf of the City, they CANNOT accept any Service of Process on behalf of any individual City employee.

    In compliance with RCW 4.28.080(2), the City Manager has designated the City Clerk as the primary agent to accept service on the City during the normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If the Clerk is unavailable, the following are designated agents who can accept service, in the following order: The Deputy City Clerk, the Acting City Clerk, the City Attorney, the Acting City Attorney, the Deputy City Attorney, the Chief of Staff for the City Attorney’s Office. Neither the Mayor nor the City Manager will accept service on behalf of the City.

    Bellevue resolutions, ordinances and City Codes are now hosted by Code Publishing and are fully searchable by number or key word.

    There are 2 ways to find an upcoming court date:

    1. Contact court at (206) 205 - 9200


    2. Search the District Court calendars on the King County courts website. 

    If you have received a traffic infraction in the City of Bellevue, and would like to request information related to your infraction, you may do so by following one of the three options below: 

    Option 1
    Check KingCounty.gov for electronic Court Records

    Option 2
    Use a computer at the Bellevue Courthouse to access the District Court Online Records. 

    Option 3
    For written requests: 
    Pursuant to IRLJ 3.1b, you may file a Request for Discovery by sending a written request to the City of Bellevue Prosecutor’s Office, and a copy to the Bellevue Courthouse. Please file your request at least 14 days prior to your hearing.

    Print and complete the discovery request form:

    opens pdf form infraction discovery request

    Mail to:
    Bellevue Prosecutor’s Office                                                   Bellevue District Courthouse  
    PO Box 90012                                                  AND                    1309 114th Avenue SE
    Bellevue, WA 98009-9012                                                       Suite 100 
                                                                                                         Bellevue, WA 98004 

    Fax to:
    City of Bellevue, Prosecutor's Office             AND                    King County Court House - East Division, Bellevue
    425-452-7256                                                                             425-777-9157

    Please Note: If you are seeking information regarding the speed measuring device, pursuant to IRLJ 6.6(d), a copy of the speed measuring device certification can be viewed and/or obtained at the King County District Court, East Division - Bellevue, located at 1309 114th Avenue SE, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98004.

    To learn more about tickets and citations, please visit the King County Courts website. 

    The City Attorney's Office is prohibited from providing legal advice, representation. or recommendations. Below are a few resources others have found helpful.

    For attorney referrals, private citizens can utilize the King County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at (206) 267-7010 or fill out their electronic form here

    CLEAR (Coordinated Legal Education, Advice and Referral): provides legal assistance for those with low-income, veterans, and persons over 60. 
    For veterans facing legal problems, NJP's Veterans Project provides free legal services to low-income and homeless veterans for civil (not criminal) legal problems that are barriers to housing, employment, and self-sufficiency. 
    Call: 1-888-201-1014;
    CLEAR Senior: 1-888-387-7111 
    Vets: 1-855-NJP-VETS (855-657-8387)
    Hours: M-F 9:15 am to 12:15 pm 
    Visit: NWJustice.orgGet Legal Help page

    Eastside Legal Assistance Program (ELAP): A non-profit organization that provides high-quality, no-cost civil legal services to survivors of domestic violence throughout King County, Washington, and to low-income residents of East and Northeast King County. 
    Phone: 425-747-7274 
    Visit: elap.org

    Washington State Bar Association – Moderate Means Program Works: The Moderate Means Program connects clients who are middle-income earners with lawyers who offer legal assistance at a reduced cost. A participating lawyer will charge fees and may request an advance deposit, but at a lower rate. 
    Call: 855-741-6930 or Apply Online   
    Visit: WSBA.org