• How to File an Appeal

    Appeals must be submitted in writing, together with an appeal notification form, and filed with the City Clerk’s Office no later than 5 p.m. on the last day of the appeal period.

    The hearing examiners have jurisdiction over most appeal matters, and procedures can be found in the city code:

    An outline of appeal procedures may be found in each chapter identified above. Other city codes or ordinances may provide for hearings to be conducted by a hearing examiner.

    The City Council has jurisdiction over limited appeals involving land use decisions and recommendations. (see LUC 20.35.100 and LUC 20.35.300)

    In addition, appeals to City Council require a transcript of the proceedings before the Hearing Examiner. Submit the completed Transcript Request Form to the hearing examiner's office.

    For more details regarding Council rules of procedure for appeals, see Resolution 9473.

    Appeal Notification Form

    Please use the form below to submit your appeal and supporting documents online. You may also download the Appeal Notification form and either email the completed form, along with any supporting documents to cityclerk@bellevuewa.gov or mail them to: Bellevue City Clerk, PO Box 90012, Bellevue WA, 98009-9012.

    You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the Appeal Notification Form and supporting documents. 

    If you are experiencing technical issues with this webform, please contact the Hearing Examiner’s Office by phone at 425-452-6934 or by email at hearingexaminer@bellevuewa.gov.

    I need assistance choosing Administrative Decision Appeal type

    Types of Administrative Decision Appeals

    Types of Administrative Decision Appeals Appeal Body
    Business & Occupation Tax Assessment (BCC 4.09) Hearing Examiner
    Process I LUC Decisions of Hearing Examiner (BCC 20.35.150) City Council
    Process II LUC Decisions of Director (BCC 20.35.250) Hearing Examiner
    Process III LUC Recommendation of Hearing Examiner (BCC 20.35.350) City Council
    SEPA Determination (BCC 22.02) Hearing Examiner
    Transportation Impact Fee (BCC 22.16.095) Hearing Examiner
    Provide a description of the administrative decision that you are appealing. Max 400 characters.
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    Supporting Documents

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