• Fire Investigations

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    Fire and arson investigation is a complicated endeavor that requires a coordinated effort between the Bellevue Fire and Police departments.

    The Bellevue Fire Investigation Team consists of fire investigators and arson detectives, all with specialized education, training and experience, conducting fire investigations. If you have questions or concerns regarding a fire investigation, you may contact Assistant Fire Marshal Kevin Carolan (425.452.7832 | kcarolan@bellevuewa.gov).


    Infographic explaining that once a fire is determined arson

    Arson Hotline


    Do you have information on a fire/arson? Call the Arson Hotline with any information you think may be helpful. Calls can remain anonymous.

    Youth Fire Setting Intervention & Prevention

    One of the most frequent causes of fires in the home is children playing with fire. Children are naturally curious about fire and its properties, but this curiosity can become unhealthy and dangerous. In some cases, a child may light fires for reasons other than curiosity. That is why Bellevue's Youth Fire Setting Intervention and Prevention Program was created.

    Through Fire Stoppers, trained Fire Department personnel meet with the child and his or her parents, and teach the child about the dangers of fire. If you are a concerned parent, contact the Community Risk Reduction Specialist today at (425) 452-7881.